Tomoki Hayasaka (verses Godden)

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Tomoki Hayasaka (verses Godden)


water touching hands – your face,
that appear,
disappearing suddenly,
in paints,
in the depths,
seem long shadows
on the knees,
look ….
so beautiful in divorce,
in the glare of water,
in the waves,
invented hands
we shredded the world through the eyes,
Points dressed – to close
your beautiful curls,
perekomkany water now,
become more gentle, affectionate and bolder,
you – straightened wings
for space to become wider
I forgot about the danger –
fly in a candid world
thee breathe – breathe,
have time and again to stay,
in the clouds of these far-distant,
in the hands of lovers of awkward,
fly and stay with you,
in rainbow dreams – do not leave …


knees, bowed,
atone for the guilt of the sad,
lie crushed feigned,
candle to light,
and arm
to make amends for the pain of the soul,
other bodily pain,
take your trembling,
get rid of,
give you a happy,
storm out of the way,
I was speechless,
in blind overnight,
how to live now?
how to believe?
Considering the loss of souls …
I howled at the light on the moon,
I Love took his arm,
choked that black body,
you are the light, believe me,
you wonderful angel of heaven,
to the stars – you’re flying,
more akin to the whole universe,
you – butterfly incorruptible,
sit quietly on the arm,
“Here I go again” – you say …
? Copyright: Godden, 2010
Certificate publication №110050706713

Tomoki Hayasaka is a young artist from Sendai, Japan. His art expresses the feelings that are common to man. He survived the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. and he has seen a lot of death and grief, so that his art speaks of “life and death”, in particular.

artist Tomoki Hayasaka

Watercolor by Spanish artist Pablo Ruben / Paul Ruben

Watercolor by Spanish artist Pablo Ruben / Paul Ruben

Costa Brava

Jesse Cook – Umbrella Solar

In gray watercolor little sun will add
Freshen up urban halftone brush.
Decked out in April and put to dry
On an empty alley, where she fell asleep spring

Wake up light clear blue Sizokrylov,
Whiteness for them scattering the clouds!
This time is fine, but a bit frozen,
Diluted gloom yellow paint slightly

Warm the lawns colored blanket
Crappie colorless moisten road!
Gray watercolor sun gently absorbed,
Framed roof beam back!
Rides ray spring on the picture alive
In the mirror reflected the urban windows!
Draw the sun in the sky, to open their own city!
That there was no room for gray melancholy …

@ Alexander Korolev


Cafe du Louvre



Market Street




Segura de la Sierra

San Francisco

San Francisco

Spring. Puddles


The Tiber River





Puerta de Las Rozas


Las Palmas




Alcala de Henares

Chinatown San Francisco




Art my refuge, life, poetry, music, the best cigars, tasty, strong tea …

Art my refuge, life, poetry, music, the best cigars, tasty, strong tea …

Within man. Justyna Kopania

“Art is my refuge, life, poetry, music, the best cigars, tasty, strong tea, all of which is my life. My art reflects the world that I see little wrong, like everyone else. I am writing to people who meet, love, nature, which I admire and, in general, all the things that affect my world. Man is the main source of my inspiration and it is also the main theme of my paintings. I want to transfer to the canvas not only his appearance and manners, but also the psyche, relationships and emotions, as well as all the complex processes that occur both outside and inside human.

In his paintings, I try to show the “world”, which can be seen by looking at the reality that surrounds us, from another point of view, unusual, detached from what we are used to seeing on a daily basis or think we see it every day. I suggest taking a look at the surroundings, sometimes the eyes of a child, sometimes the composer of music, or someone who is looking at the sea, the moon, the sky and the stars … Perhaps the world that surrounds us is really quite not the same as we perceive it. Perhaps, in every drop of rain, a grain of sand, petals or snowflake millions of colors that you can see if you look at them wrong, as usual, but slightly changing the angle. I would like to stop the time that passes so quickly, and write it, because from the second born of minutes. Minute to create a watch … watch – day. From a few days – a week. From a few weeks – months. Of months – years. And the years add up to a life … ”


Pier Toffoletti … ~ ~ men monologue …

Pier Toffoletti … ~ ~ men monologue …


Time inexorably … – run by minutes, hours, years, decades and centuries … As rightly said one of the classics! .. – Large seen from a distance … There is truth in the life eternal, infinite and imperishable … So you want to talk and touch such values ??of life … – touch gently and with a desire not to harm them …
In “Eugene Onegin” were heard expressions that have become separate living truths and still excite the minds of people, as in the previous two, and in the present century. I would like to recall the past, to evaluate the life and dynamics of these popular expressions and from the standpoint of the modern world to make a major, with optimism and humor, their contribution to their future life!
Let us recall that the original sweet Pushkin us saying:

The less we love a woman – the easier she likes us …



Of course, in the words of Pushkin put their attitudes and experiences with beautiful women at all times, which is surrounded by the warmth and warm men, starting from the cradle to the turbulent and unselfish, infinitely beautiful love in youth and youth and to the last days of stems – in a mature and wise band life. What depth of thought put into these words the poet!

Indeed, we notice today that the rapid and complete celestial senses the love of man to the lady of his heart often soon encounters rejection and exclusion heroine … What’s the matter? Of course, maybe it is not too pleasing her eyes and ears? How often when meeting with a lady for the first time, we catch it on themselves scrutiny … She unwittingly estimates – and if it fits me? And when I do not know her … – in this affair is shown! But when a man is no longer just poured it all your senses and soul laid bare, the aura of mystery in the relationship disappears, and often the lady begins to disappear vivid interest in this young man … Paradox? Yes! But, on the other hand, the natural perception of events – Poznan becomes less attractive …

And from the back – not too passionate, calm and even verging on indifference relation to the lady unwittingly caused her painful question: “Why is he so indifferent to me, the cold?”. It irritates her, makes manifest a particular interest in the partner, in an attempt to understand: “What I told him is unattractive, or he is so infantile ??”. So … so smooth, non-explosive force relations lady to keep their interest for a long time, she wants to please – to overcome this barrier cool perception and conquer this indomitable, that is, on its part manifests a kind of sporting interest and excitement of the game … And, as a consequence – the easier she likes us!

Ah yes Pushkin! .. – Both subtly and cleverly says a lot! In one phrase the whole philosophy of life! Aphorism beautiful !!!

When many read “Eugene Onegin”, saying it was the object of attention and study of many … Everyone wanted to develop and deepen the thoughts of the poet about the attitude towards women. There was quite a lot of modified versions of the basic truths of Pushkin. Inquisitive researchers thought was in full swing! Let’s see what interesting things emerged as a result of creative work ?! So, first there was a little modified version:

The less we love a woman – the more she likes us …


Almost a synonym of the original phrase, and the meaning is clearly expanded … It is not easier – and more … Already she needs to take the initiative, be proactive, not bored, suffer, suffer, achieving greater love him … Paradoxically, but this state it more like … – through the thorns to the wishing star! Aphorism accepted! – It is no longer enjoyable for men (with a smile) aspirations of women to love …

And then over time, the situation is clearly out of control! Feeling “smell blood”, the men began to sculpt new aphorisms like … And there was one of them … – reverse:

The more we love a woman – the less she likes us …


This aphorism is clear and explicit and puts more emphasis on the strong relations between the two sides … We already know that a violent and persistent love of a man often has the opposite effect. Sweet lady takes it as a manifestation of molestation, causing a natural reaction resistance and counter high-handed boy. And she likes it stops. And the aura of mystery hero at this stage already cleared the smoke after a summer fire … In a word, recalling a famous politician – like the best, but it turned out as always … However, this does not contradict the aphorism especially given earlier, only more vividly highlighting some facets of this diamond love incomprehensible to the mind of men!

Further, on the turn of the century the ardor of the male half asleep and a few came a short period of stagnation of thought men. All creative work was reduced to a more extended treatment of individual parts of committed two aphorisms. However, during this period were discovered new nuances of love relationship with a clear bias towards the close, almost intimate relations partners … In passing, we note these aphorisms, made with great humor and imagination without interest inquisitive men !!! Just take them into consideration. This is the prose of life … – and forgive us ladies!

The less we love a woman – the more we hochemsya her …
The more we love a woman – the less time for sleep …

Does not that original, dear gentlemen? Ha – ha! Lieutenant Rzhevsky it clearly would have liked !!! And, on the other hand, only a prosaic account of painfully clear everyday expressions and actions … and did not contradict the previously given new aphorisms … Forgive us ladies!

But stagnation must be overcome, curiosity began to narrow the scope of … – they need to expand! And this will only awareness of new developments have our young century. Yes, and I would like to like – then smooth the mutual contradiction between the two statements, love should rule the world and be mutual and consistent! How nice this age? This is the age of a market economy, when many senses become more pragmatic, taking into account the realities of the time … And now, new – All versions of two aphorisms:

The less we love a woman – the more you need it from us …
The more we love a woman – the more you need it to buy …


Notice the contradictions already smoothed out! In the first of them to the fore concern for our sweetheart! She needs to pay as much attention to the fact that it felt almost achieved his goal – it is deeply indifferent! In the second case is a completely understandable scheme “taming” favorite – we buy it more and more … – and finally start to like it progressively more and more … – mink coats, trips to resorts decent sea, overseas tour on ships, fresh roses on the table – a million red roses – unlimited space for imagination !!!

Notice that we have due to the growth of attention and rendered pleasures translate into a new quality sound aphorisms ?! And it allows us to put the final point and eliminate the roots of contradictions – see all eyes – because these two sayings can be combined in one !!! It is as follows:

The smaller (larger) we love a woman – the more … – she always needed …


Hurray !!! – We have achieved complete success. We need it always !!! This is something that warms as balm, and should be the heart of every man in love ?! He is happy, conscious of their necessity and the lady is ready for her move mountains !!!

And whether you want something else – something full of happiness, for a full idyll and harmony of love ?! Perhaps the only one !!! Opened a direct route to the coveted horizon feelings and takeoff in love!

For a complete happiness is necessary as air, mutual – to overcome all difficulties – true love, when love heart beating in unison and their souls are inseparable !!! But this love … – Men must make the ladies, having won their attention and sincerity of their hearts and cherish dearly coveted love and a lifetime !!!